The Painting Process

The Image Selection:

The first step in creating a Fingerpainting is to select an image. You are welcome to choose an image from my gallery, or try something new. Even if you choose from my gallery,  your painting will be an original.  This is the nature of Fingerpainting – no two turn out the same.

If choosing your own, you need to look for a picture that has a variety of colors,  and not too much fine detail.  For example,  flowers would work well, your family portrait would not.  Please message me with any image that you have in mind so that I can determine if your picture will be able to be Fingerpainted. Please do keep in mind that we are Fingerpainting the image you select,  and it will not be a carbon copy of the original image. This is part of the fun, and is what will make the finished product unique!

Sizes vary, but 24 x 36 inches is ideal. Your image may require different dimensions.  The Skyline is done on a 16 x 40 inch canvas, for example. This is something that we can discuss once you’ve selected your image.


Once the image has been selected, Amy orders the canvas.  Canvases can normally be delivered within 5 or 6 days, but some sizes will require longer.

Amy then creates a smaller version of the painting so that she can work out the color palette and the placement of each color so that the finished painting will have the proper perspective and color balance.  This process is usually done while waiting for the canvas to be ready.

An outline sketch is then made on the canvas to get the image scaled and placed properly on the canvas.  The entire preparation process normally requires about 10 days.

The Painting Process:

The process takes 2- 3 minutes per person,  so please be sure to discuss your time frame for your painting day.  You can do this with just a handful of people,  or a dozen or two. Depending on the size of the canvas, 12- 25 participants is usually ideal.  There are no age limits for participants,  so anyone can join in the fun!

The day that we paint your canvas I will arrive with everything we need to Fingerpaint your image. The gallery wrapped canvas will have been primed, the image drawn, and ready to paint.

Finger-Paint-Process-9-1Each person participating will choose their own unique color. One at a time,  I will paint the canvas using  YOUR fingers! Yes, YOU are my paint brushes!  The process is not very messy,  as you are only dipping one finger in paint. Lastly, I will put a fingerprint on either the front or side of the canvas (depending on your preference ) and each name will go under their corresponding color.

Finishing Touches:

Once the painting is dry, I will take it to my studio to complete.  I calligraphy the names as well as any other text you wish to add to the canvas. And, depending on the image you have selected,  I will complete any necessary enhancements to the painting.  To better understand this,  please visit my gallery page. You will notice that some pieces, like the ‘Skyline’ and the ‘Horse’s Back’ are done completely with fingerprints.  While others, like the ‘Pegasus’ and the ‘Mermaid’ required me to paint in the finer details.

Turn around time is usually 3 days, and once the calligraphy and any enhancements are complete,  your painting will be ready to hang! The use of gallery wrapped canvases means that there is no need to frame your new piece! Just hang, and enjoy!

Please note-

* If you need to have the piece completed on site immediately after the Fingerpainting,  there is an option for that as well.
* If you prefer to have your painting framed, please let me know in advance.  I do not frame them,  but I will need to use a different depth canvas in order for it to fit a standard frame.
* I use acrylic paint and clean each finger immediately after with a baby wipe. I cannot guarantee that paint will not get on clothing,  but I take great care in trying to prevent messes.

Please message me with your ideas and questions!  I look forward to working with you on a piece of artwork that’s as unique as your fingerprint!